David Goldberg 

MultimediaArtist / Creative Mercenary / Researcher / Composer

David Goldberg has been creating sound in contemporary and experimental forms for more than 10 years. Coming from a musical family, he developed a keen interest in classical music at a young age, which then led him further into contemporary art & music through various spectrums.  In addition to his live and DJ performances in Germany and Europe, he is currently studying for a Master's degree in Sound Studies & Sonic Arts in Berlin. In his interdisciplinary and experimental approach, David effortlessly blurs genre boundaries while attempting to project new perspectives into the zeitgeist. While he has been intensively exploring various forms of synthesis over the past years, In the meantime he often makes use of algorithmic composition methods and programming languages that help him realize his concepts and become more sonically individualized. Through his studies at the AdbK Munich in the class of Olaf Nicolai, David also has a strong connection to contemporary art, which he conveys as a multimedia artist in the areas of VR/Game development and 3D animation.. in addition to that David is an active electronic musician who has played in various established institutions like Berghain, Blitz Music Club and others.

Selected List of Exhibitions

2011 - 2018 Compositions for various productions / International musicfestival at the Chiemlake DE
11.04 - 26.04. 2014 Mycel Music & Performancefestival / Maximilliansforum Munich DE
26.7.2016 - 28.08.2016 Phaceta (a tree is best measured when its down) / Galerie der Künstler Munich DE
15.08 - 30.08.2016 Artist Residence / 4D Spatial Institute Budapest HU
30.09.2016 Nuite Blanche Phoenix / Performance Paris FR
29.10.2016 Noise Signal Silence Festival / Performance Munich DE
18.11.2016 Metalage Installation / Academy Gallery Munich DE
24.02.2017 Live Sonification of Adam Putnams Reclaimed Empire / Kunstverein Munich DE
03.05.2018 Oberhausener Filmfestival / Performance DE
02.09.2018 Artist Residence Montemore / Lisbon PT
01.08 2019 Acud Mach Neu Performance / Berlin DE
24.08.2019 Monta  / DJ Set  St Petersbourgh RU
27.02.2020 Berghain Säule / DJ Set Berlin DE

17 - 21.06.21 DeSchool / Installation with Cloudgaenger Amsterdam NLD

03.07.2021 Common Sense / Performance Polyphon Festival Gera DE

28.07- 08.08.2021 Collisions / Residency at Underground Research Lab Canfranc ESP

22.09.2021 Rrouine Basel / DJ Set SW