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Sonification of

Berlin 2022

This work attempts to be critical of the omnipresent idea of optimization in an artistic way. 
Inspired by the idea that, contrary to earlier times, it is no longer demand that determines supply, but that the creation of a product can generate demand, 
this work is to be understood as a product for which there is no market yet.  This hypercapitalistic approach to disruptively open up markets with products that people did not know they needed, is to be continued with this album. Through the process of sonifying 4 virtual objects that can be linked under the umbrella of selfoptimization an album was created which is sonically emphasizing the characters of those objects . The objects are fictitious and were modelled in 3D software especially for this process. In order to sonify the objects they were scanned virtually in Houdini so that the reading head of the digitally created recorder transfers the number/angle & length of the vertices  into a spectrum audible to humans.  The process used for this is inspired by a technique of Georgios Cherouvim. The resulting audio files were then reduced to their transients and then converted back to mididata. The resulting rhythms were then arranged into a composition using digital sound generators and recorded samples.The composition is generative and depends strongly on the parameters determined at the beginning of the chain. In the tonal pieces, the harmony was quantized to G-major, typical for department store music, to create a mood of "well-being". Other pieces do not follow any harmony and have to be classified as A-tonal. 
Each object has several versions which are supposed to suggest different moods. 

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